Old World Cuisine.
21st Century Techniques.

We use both classic and modern cooking techniques to prepare the finest ingredients Kentucky and North American farmers have to offer and cook with a fine dining mentality but in a quite casual atmosphere provided by Blue Stallion Brewery. By sourcing directly from local farmers and doing our own butchery and food preparations and using a zero-waste mentality, we are able to provide, what we feel, is exquisite and nutritious meals at a reasonable price.

We love cooking Old World cuisine with 21st Century techniques and science. We take familiar favorites and put our bold stamp on them. We have an incredibly small kitchen and really try and view that not as a negative, but as an advantage by keeping everything as fresh as possible. We do our homework and source the highest quality ingredients so that we can treat them simply and respectfully. We play by the rules when it comes to food and staff safety, but when the stove gets hot and the grease begins to sizzle, all bets are off.

Derrick Y.

Salt & Vinegar is uniquely delicious! You don't see this high quality of food in breweries. It really pairs well with Blue Stallion beer. True Gem!

Will T.

I can’t speak more highly of Salt & Vinegar, and would recommend it above even the most expensive options in Lexington. The quality and ingenuity of the food is amazing. Try the PB&J and you’ll understand! Awesome little spot and I only wish the best for the chef running this place. Can’t wait to go back!

Chelsea T.

Absolutely incredible food. Hands down some of the best in Lexington. This is a hidden gem that everyone should try.

Steve W.

The food is amazing. I had the S&V take on the classic Reuben and loved it. The menu here is where creativity meets execution, you won't be disappointed.

Brandon F.

Every dish I've had has been phenomenal. Exceptionally well executed and exceedingly flavorful.

Leighanne H.

Highly recommend Salt & Vinegar for a high-quality meal that never disappoints! The food is always fresh and unique with new seasonal menus that are always delicious. The soups are to die for, as well as the German-inspired meals. If you're hanging out at Blue Stallion the beer pairs so well with one of the cheese or meat boards!

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Ethereal Public House Menu

[V]egetarian | [Ve]gan | [GF] Gluten Free

Pub Menu

S&V Patty Melt

8oz Allen Brothers beef patty; caraway seasoned and grilled medium rare. Ethereal beer-braised onion. Emmenthal cheese. 1000island. Toasted marbled rye. Served with namesake fries, curried catsup & bread & butter pickled cucumber.
$ 18.5

Bratwurst & Mash

House ground & cased 100% KY Proud pork bratwurst. Whipped potato. Au jus gravy. Snow peas.
$ 17.5

Fish & Chips

Lightly blackened NC farm-raised catfish; hand dipped in a twice-fermented Ethereal beer batter & deep fried. Namesake fries. Hush puppies. Tarter sauce & lemon.
$ 16.5

Rösti Potato(V,GF)

Russet potato; hand grated & pan fried. Kenny’s Creamery fromage blanc. Mustard caviar. Sauerkraut. Pickled shallot. Seasonal greens. Horseradish. Petite herbs.
$ 13.5

Pok Pok Chicken Wings(GF)

…an homage to the legendary Pok Pok restaurant. 1 st and 2 nd joint wings; garlic brined; twice fried. Vietnamese caramel sauce. Fried garlic chips. Toasted sesame. Served with sticky rice, kimchi & lime.
$ 1lb 16 | 2lb 28

Shareables Menu

Pretzel & Obatzda(V)

A single artisanal 10.5oz sourdough pretzel baked fresh by Papa Pretzel, served warm with Maldon sea salt. Brie & camembert whipped with herbs, spices & Ethereal beer. Toasted caraway & black pepper.
$ 15

Namesake Kettle Chips(V,GF)

Kennebec potato, hand sliced & deep fried. Salt & citric acid.
$ 7

S&V Shrimp Cocktail(GF)

White shrimp, poached & barbecue dry rubbed, served chilled. Horseradish forward cocktail sauce. Powdered bacon fat. Orange & herbs.
$ ¼lb 12 | ½lb 18

Substitute Ethereal Mustard

$ 12

Belgian Frites(V,GF)

Namesake home fries, twice fried. A trio of mayonnaise-based sauces; Buttermilk herb, wasabi- horseradish & andalouse.
$ 9

Smoked Salmon & Pimiento Cheese Spread

Sottish salmon smoked over hardwood & pimiento peppers whipped with cream & cheddar cheese, sour cream, herbs & spices; served chilled. Pickled cucumber. Served with warm baguette.
$ 15.5

S&V Okonomiyaki Pancake

A wheat & corn savory pancake with assorted vegetables; pan fried. Kewpie mayonnaise. Apple sweet & sour sauce. Katsuobushi. Sesame. Scallion.
$ 13.5

Sandwiches, Soups & Salads

Tomato Bisque & Grilled Cheese(V)

Vodka & tomato bisque. Aged balsamic. Toasted pine nuts & black truffle salt. Grilled cheese on Texas toast with a trio of Kenny’s Creamery white cheddar, camembert & cream cheese. Jalapeño preserves. Maldon sea salt.
$ 16

S&V Reuben

1/2lb corned brisket, thick cut. Emmenthaler cheese. Sauerkraut. 1000island. Served on marbled rye; warm on the outside, cool on the inside. Namesake kettle chips.
$ 18

Schnitzel Sandwich

Duroc pork tenderloin: pounded thin; buttermilk breaded & deep fried. Seasonal greens. Sauerkraut. Ethereal beer mustard. Kaiser bun. Namesake kettle chips.
$ 16.5

S&V Hot Chicken Sandwich

5oz chicken breast; buttermilk breaded & deep fried, tossed in Nashville sauce. S&V coleslaw. Bread & butter pickled cucumber. Served on brioche. Namesake kettle chips.
$ 15

Caesar Salad

Romaine. Pretzel croutons. 24mo Parmigiana Reggiano. Anchovy-mustard dressing. Spanish white anchovy.
$ 11

S&V Wedge Salad(GF)

Iceberg lettuce. Red onion. Hoophouse heirloom cherry tomato. Bacon. Hard KY egg. Gorgonzola. Buttermilk- herb dressing. Red wine vinegar.
$ 9

S&V Gherkin Salad(V,GF)

Fermented Kirby cucumber. Mesclun greens. Pickled red onion fluid gel. Sumac yogurt. Dill.
$ 8

Add Grilled Chicken

$ +8

Supper Menu

Chimichurri Hanger Steak

8oz hanging tender; cooked & served Pittsburgh. Grilled sourdough. Chimichurri of sorts. Mustard caviar. Radish.
$ 33

Dry Aged Ribeye

28day dry aged 16oz bone in ribeye; simply seasoned & grilled, served medium rare. Grilled sourdough. Chimichurri of sorts. Mustard caviar. Radish.
$ 64

Spätzle Primavera(V)

Swabian dumplins’. Assorted seasonal vegetables. EVOO. Garlic. Herb butter. White wine. 24mo Parmigiana Reggiano. Scarpetta.
$ 22

KY Lamb Loukaniko Sausage

8oz. 100% Freedom Run Farm lamb; house butchered, ground & cased with notes of coriander, orange & garlic. Brewer’s grain tabbouleh. Sumac yogurt.
$ 26

Rabbit Confit & Mirepoix(GF)

Rear quarter; salt cured & slow cooked in ghee. Fingerling potato. Celeriac pureé. Roasted carrot. Melted leek. Herbs.
$ 24

Schnitzel & Käsespätzle

Duroc pork tenderloin; pounded thin, buttermilk breaded, deep fried & drenched in Madhouse malt vinegar. Pan fried Swabian dumplins’ in a white cheddar sauce. Herbs.
$ 25

Scottish Salmon Skillet(GF)

Scottish salmon; sumac seasoned & pan seared, served medium. No fuss medley of fingerling potato & seasonal vegetables. Chimichurri. *very limited quantity.
$ 27


Cookie Dough

Raw chocolate chip cookie dough. Fruit.
$ 8

S&V Dutch Baby

Baked to order German style popover skillet pancake. Assorted Spring berries macerated in a fruit cordial. Unsweetened Chantilly. *contains trace amounts of alcohol
$ 14

Beer Float

5oz pour of Ethereal Muffin Man Blueberry Sour. Peach & Cherry sorbet. Vanilla simple syrup. *must be 21 years of age
$ 8

Mostly Cooked Cookies

Same cookie dough, baked just enough.
$ 10

*Eating raw or undercooked foods may be harmful to your body

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