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Blue Stallion Spring Menu

[V]egetarian | [Ve]gan | [G]luten Free


apa Pretzel sourdough pretzel. Blue Stallion dunkel mustard. Sea salt. Leek & Blue Stallion Beer Cheese Sauce +3
Suggested Beer Pairing: Helles
$ 9.5 [V]

Cheese Board

Assortment of cheeses. Bluegrass Concoctions toasted sourdough & rye breads. Seasonal fruits in various forms. Mustard caviar. Local honey. Sea salt. Pantry accouterment.
Suggested Beer Pairing: Czech Pils
$ 21 [V]

Greens & Artichoke Dip

An homage to the well-known classic, featuring assorted local greens, artichokes, and cheeses. Sauerkraut. Served with Bluegrass Concoctions toasted sourdough & rye. Toasted black pepper & caraway. Petite herbs.

Suggested Beer Pairing: Hefeweizen
$ 15 [V]

Beef Crudo

Local brisket; hand diced to order, seasoned with S&P, house herbs, EVOO & Madhouse persimmon vinegar. 63˚ farm egg, chilled. Smoked onion marmalade. Candied orange. Sauerkraut. Horseradish & caper crema. Bluegrass Concoctions toasted rye bread. Petite herbs.

Suggested Beer Pairing: Dunkel
$ 16.5 [RAW]

Spring Salad

Mesclun & mustard greens. Seasonal vegetables. Yesterday’s pretzels, baked into croutons. Green goddess. Pickled bits. Gravlax Ora King Salmon +7
Suggested Beer Pairing: Bruised Orange Pils
$ 8 [V]

Panzanella Salad

Greenhouse heirloom grape tomato. Seasonal greens. Cucumber and other seasonal vegetables. Yesterday’s sourdough. Kenny’s Fromage blanc. Giardiniera inspired dressing.
Suggested Beer Pairing: Infinite Wave
$ 10 [V]

Spätzel Primavera

Pan seared Swabian dumplins’. Farmer’s Market vegetables & garlic. EVOO. Black truffle salted herb butter. 24mo Parmigiana-Reggiano. Petite herbs. Scarpetta.
Suggested Beer Pairing: Helles
$ 15 [V]


Free form pork & oat sausage, featuring Sunwatch Homestead pork from our whole hog program & organic oats. American style Black Soil potato salad. Wilted seasonal greens. Chow chow.
Suggested Beer Pairing: Czech Pils
$ 16

Tomato Bisque & Grilled Cheese

Vodka & tomato bisque with Kenny’s fromage blanc, aged balsamic, toasted pine nuts & black truffle salt. Grilled cheese on Bluegrass Concoctions sourdough with a trio of Kenny’s white cheddar, camembert & cream cheese. Jalapéno preserves. Sea salt.
Suggested Beer Pairing: Dunkel
$ 14.5 [V]

Smoked Brisket Sandwich

Smoked KY brisket. Papa Pretzel bun. Onion marmalade. Sauerkraut. BSB dunkel mustard. Gremolata of sorts. Served with American style Black Soil potato salad. Add a sandwich + 6.5
Suggested Beer Pairing: Helles
$ 17.5

Kids Under 12 Menu

Smoked KY Brisket Sandwich

Smoked KY Brisket. Papa Pretzel bun.
$ 11

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese on sourdough. Kenny's white cheddar. Cream cheese.
$ 7.5 [V]


Bluegrass Concoctions sourdough. Chunky peanut butter. Fruit jam.
$ 6.5 [V]

"Buttered Noodles"

House egg dumplin's. Butter.
$ 5 [V]

Veggie Plate

Raw pantry vegetables. Buttermilk "ranch"
$ 5.5 [V]
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