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Blue Stallion Fall Menu

[V]egetarian | [Ve]gan | [G]luten Free

Pretzel & Mustard (V)

A single 10oz KY Proud sourdough Pretzel made fresh by Papa Pretzel, served warm with Maldon sea salt & Blue Stallion beer mustard.
$ 12

Brewer’s Grain Salad (V+)

Barley & whole grain oats. Seasonal greens. Tart apple. Dried fruits. Red onion. Toasted almonds. (Roquefort). Maple-Mustard vinaigrette.
$ 13

Greens & Artichoke Dip (V)

An homage to the well-known classic, featuring assorted seasonal greens, artichokes and a variety of cheeses. Topped with sauerkraut. Served with toasted sourdough. Toasted black pepper & caraway.
$ 14

Tomato Bisque & Grilled Cheese (V)

Vodka & tomato bisque. Aged balsamic. Toasted pine nuts & black truffle salt. Grilled cheese on Texas toast with a trio of Kenny’s white cheddar, camembert & cream cheese. Jalapéno preserves. Maldon sea salt.
$ 16

Spätzel & Mushroom (V)

Swabian dumplins’. Cremini & BSB Oktoberfest gravy. Pickled red onion. Herbs.
$ 15.5

Shrimp Etouffee

Brown rice smothered in a white shrimp & house bratwurst “Cajun gravy”. 1/4lb white shrimp. Served with baguette, scallion & herbs.
$ 21

Rustic Chicken Pot Pie

Roasted chicken, mirepoix & potatoes cooked together into a thick stew. Topped with a seasoned puff pastry and baked until golden. Served with brown rice & fresh herbs.
$ 16

German “Hamburger”

(aka Frikadellen) A 5oz. house Sunwatch Homestead pork bratwurst & beef meatball, baked in a tomato sauce of sorts. Served on a toasted Papa Pretzel bun. Sauerkraut. BSB beer mustard. Seasonal greens. Warm Brussels “salad”
$ 17

Smoked Brisket Chili & Cornbread

Smoked brisket, kidney beans & tomato stewed with brisket drippings. Horseradish crema. Chow chow. Served with a leaf lard locally milled skillet pumpkin cornbread.
$ 18.5
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Ethereal Public House Menu

[V]egetarian | [Ve]gan | [GF] Gluten Free

Pub Menu

Pretzel & Obatzda (V)

A single artisanal 10.5oz sourdough pretzel baked fresh by Papa Pretzel, served warm with Maldon sea salt. Brie & camembert whipped with herbs, spices & Ethereal beer. Toasted caraway & black pepper.
$ 15

Substitute Ethereal Mustard

$ 12

S&V Kettle Chips (V)

Kennebec potato, hand sliced & deep fried. Seasoned with salt, citric acid & proprietary barbecue dry rub. Served with soubise.
$ 7

Belgian Frites (V)

Namesake home fries. A trio of mayo-based sauces; French onion, wasabi-horseradish & andalouse.
$ 8

S&V Burger & Chips

8oz Angus beef patty, grilled medium rare. Artisanal sourdough pretzel bun by Papa Pretzel. Spiced Brussels & bacon slaw featuring S&V bacon-cured & smoked Sunwatch Homestead pork belly, mustard & mayo. Served with namesake home fries with curried catsup & house bread & butter pickle.
$ 16.5

Bratwurst & Mash

House ground & cased 100% Sunwatch Homestead pork bratwurst. Whipped potato. Au jus gravy. Snow peas.
$ 17

Fish & Chips

Lightly blackened NC farm-raised catfish, hand dipped in a twice-fermented Ethereal beer batter & deep fried. Namesake home fries & Southern hush puppies. Tartar sauce & lemon.
$ 16

Rösti Potato (GF, V)

Grated russet potato, pan fried. Kenny’s fromage blanc. Mustard caviar. Sauerkraut. Pickled shallot. Seasonal greens. Horseradish.
$ 13

Shrimp Cocktail (GF)

White shrimp, poached in proprietary brine. Horseradish-forward cocktail sauce. Lemon & herbs.
$ 1/4lb 11 / 1/2lb 18

Brewer’s Grain Salad (V)

Pearled barley & oats. Mustard greens. Dried fruits. Sour apple. Red onion. Celery. Toasted almond. Roquefort. Maple- mustard vinaigrette.
$ 11

Supper Menu

Hanger Steak Hash (GF)

8oz hanger steak, cooked Pittsburgh. Served over roasted fingerling potato, celeriac & Brussels with red onion, caramelized onion, almonds in a balsamic vinaigrette. Pickled mustard seed. Chimichurri of sorts.
$ 29

16oz dry-aged bone-in ribeye, grilled medium rare.

$ 57


Duroc pork tenderloin; pounded thin, buttermilk breaded & deep fried. Pan fried Swabian dumplin’s. Mushroom gravy. Pickled harvest vegetables. Essig Surig & herbs.
$ 23

Fried Chicken

11⁄4 lb responsibly raised FreeBird whole chicken wings; garlic brined & deep fried, finished with a fish sauce caramel, garlic chips, scallion and toasted sesame seed & oil. Served over pearled barley with fermented cabbage & lime.
$ 25

Spätzle Carbonara

Swabian dumplins’. Rendered house cured guanciale from our Sunwatch Homestead Whole Hog Program. 63 ̊ farm egg. Pecorino Romano. Coarse black pepper. Black truffle salt. Pickled shallot & herbs.
$ 21

Duck Confit (GF)

Maple Leaf Farm duck leg; house cured in warm spice & orange & cooked in its own fat. Whipped potato. Roasted celeriac & Brussels. Orange marmalade. Charcoaled onion & powdered garlic confit.
$ 27

Grilled Squash (V)

Acorn squash; Chili-rubbed & roasted, finished on the grill. Pearled barley & oats. Seasonal greens. Pomegranate seeds. Toasted almond. Green apples in olive oil. Roquefort & fromage blanc. Chili flake & KY sorghum.
$ 18
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